Warranty Policy

Thank you for purchasing Ferei for your recreational lighting needs.

Ferei products come with an international warranty that is honoured by Ferei Australia on behalf of Ferei China.

Please familiarize yourself with the 4 conditions below to best utilize your warranty throughout the life of the product.

1. Any Ferei product purchased from ferei.com.au that malfunctions or ceases to operate within 14 days of receipt under normal usage conditions may be returned to Ferei Australia for exchange of the same or equivalent product (proof of purchase required).

2. All Ferei branded flashlights, bicycle lights, diving lights and headlamps are warranted against manufacturing defects and/or malfunction for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase. A defective or malfunctioning item that has been correctly used as per item instructions and not in any way subjected to disassembly, significant impact, battery leakage or conditions outside of its stated capabilites may be returned to Ferei Australia for prompt repair (proof of purchase required).

3. The warranty period for perishables and accessories (glass lenses, O-rings, rubber switches, batteries etc.) is eight (8) months from the date of purchase and the warranty period for Ferei AC adaptors or chargers is 12 months.

4. Should any Ferei product cease to function or become defective outside of the warranty period, customers may contact Ferei Australia to have the product repaired for a nominal fee.

Ferei's warranty policy is rendered null and void by the following:

i) The 14 day replacement or 3 year repair period has expired.

ii) The product is deemed to have malfunctioned as a result of misuse.

iii) The product is deemed to have malfunctioned as a result of unauthorised modification or disassembly.

iv) The product is deemed to have malfunctioned due to incorrect maintenance and/or storage.

v) A valid sales receipt / invoice or proof of purchase is not presented.

vi) The product is counterfeit.

vii) The product ceases to operate due to damage caused by impacts and/or dropping.